Cleaning Services

One of the other most annoying parts of moving into or out of a home is cleaning. You want to leave the home you’re leaving in tip top shape for the new tenants just like you want the home you’re moving into to be sparkling clean.
When we’ve finished packing all of your belongings and moving them into the pod, we offer a cleaning service to go through the apartment and clean every surface and leave it looking brand new. We scrub baseboards, clean bathtubs, disinfect dishwashers. If you have a deposit, you’ll be sure to get it back or we’ll wave our cleaning service fee.
And we offer a cleaning service at the home you’re moving into so that it’s pristine before we begin moving in your belongings. Again, we’ll hit every possible surface, clean every possible nook and cranny, and if you find anything to not meet your satisfaction, we’ll send someone in immediately to clean it up!Copyright © Prowealth Store 2019. All Rights Reserved

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