Happy Staff! Happy Customers!

Tired of asking your employees how they want to be recognized? One of the hardest parts of personnel management can be recognizing your employees in a way that is meaningful to them. Some folks like a quick email acknowledgement and more similar assignments. Some prefer a big party with a balloons and leadership recognition. If your employees aren’t telling you how you can make them happy, you may feel unable to do so!

We use surprisehr.com to ensure that our staff are engaged, safe, and efficient. Their platformed employee recognition and rewards allow us to focus on getting our movers ready to complete the task at hand. And this platform follows through on ensuring they are recognized and rewarded as appropriate.

We take our client satisfaction seriously. You should feel safe, comfortable, and at ease during a big move and because we know that’s easier said than done, we at least want to simplify the hardest part – actually moving your belongings.

By ensuring that our strong and kind movers are happy, we are ensuring that they treat you and your belongings with respect and care. And don’t worry about gratuities – a reasonable gratuity rate is included in your fee as outlined on your quote.

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