Moving Pod

Either over time or on moving day, we’ll load all of your belongings into a moving pod that will take it to your new home for you. We have pods of different sizes based on the home from which you’re moving – so you get to choose between the following options: Studio, 1-bdrm, 2-bdrm, 3-bdrm, 4+-bdrm. If none of these work, we can discuss alternative options. For those people who want to move themselves, we’ll be happy to help you hitch the pod to your vehicle and send you on your way. The pod will be picked up by our staff at your new apartment and we’ll take it, and any boxes and moving materials, you want. And if you want to be moved with as little work as possible, we’ll transport the pod to your new home for you and move all your things in – careful to return them to either wherever you tell us or wherever best relates to where it was stored in the original place.Copyright © Prowealth Store 2019. All Rights Reserved

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