I’ve moved SO MANY TIMES and here are my biggest tips and tricks to be sure you’re ready to go by moving day:

  1. As soon as you know you’re moving – start packing. One box per day even. Every day that passes that you don’t pack one box of things you don’t use daily, is another half hour to add to packing day. Doing it slowly over time gives you time to pack responsibly, to get rid of things you don’t need, and to feel emotionally ready to move on moving day.
  2. Packing responsibly mostly just means – don’t make the boxes too heavy. I suggest buying a fuck ton of bankers boxes because using huge boxes usually results in having heavy boxes.
  3. Do you live in an apartment complex where local newspapers get delivered and one friendly neighbor throws them all into the recycling every time? Start collecting those newspapers. Packing paper and material costs money. It’s dumb.
  4. Discard while you pack. Keep one big box or garbage bag around for things to donate. If you pull something off a shelf/out of a closet/from a drawer that you haven’t used since you moved last time, it’s time to give that shit up!
  5. Tell your neighbors you’re getting ready for a move. They might have boxes/packing materials. They might want some of the shit you’re gonna donate. They might be able to help. Be a good neighbor!
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