Weather can sometimes slow us down, simply due to traffic and logistics. We definitely take this into account when scheduling your move and giving you a move-out/move-in window. But we have an app to which you’ll be given access when you schedule your move. This way you can always follow along, know exactly where your things are, and be warned of any suspected delays.
We can move in and move out very quickly regardless of weather, we carry tarps and packaging with us to ensure that none of your belongings are damaged. The most significant delays come when we’re transporting the pod on your behalf.
Because we respect your belongings and we value our employees, we want to be sure that transport is as safe as possible. Significant storms or unanticipated weather events may slow us down, but we’ll be open and transparent about what that means for your move!Copyright © Prowealth Store 2019. All Rights Reserved

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